Friday, 12 March 2010

Axis & Allies:War at Sea - Condition Zebra

The next expansion for Axis and Allies: War at Sea called Condition Zebra is scheduled for release in June of this year. This is most welcome and the full listing of what will be available has been posted on the War at Sea community section of the Wizards website but I thought I would take the opportunity to post it here.

1.HMCS Uganda - HMS Jamaica CL reprint - U
2. Bearn - CV new sculpt - R
3. Dewoitine D.520 fighter new sculpt - C
4. Lamotte-Picquet CL new sculpt - U
5. Provence BB new sculpt - R
6. V.156 Vindicator - Dive Bomber new sculpt C
7. Giorgios Averoff - CA new sculpt R ( Greece )
8. Proteus - submarine new sculpt C ( Greece )
9. Vasilissa Olga - DD (modified British G class) new sculpt C (Greece) 10.Witt de With - DD new sculpt C (Netherlands)
11.HMS Cossack - DD Tribal/Arunta reprint C
12 HMS Royal Oak - BB new sculpt R
13 HMS Victorious - CV reprint R
14 Short Sunderland Mk 1 - patrol bomber (flying boat) new sculpt U
15 B-24D Liberator - patrol bomber new sculpt U
16 F4U Corsair - fighter - new sculpt C
17 USS Allen M Sumner DD - (Laffey reprint) C
18 USS Houston - CA new sculpt R
19 Lexington - CV reprint (Saratoga) R
20 S-37 - submarine new sculpt C
21 USS West Virginia - BB new sculpt R
22 Arkhangelsk - BB 'Royal Oak reprint' R
23 Vainamoinen - BB/Coast Defense Ship new sculpt U (Finland)
24 Fi-167 - torpedo bomber new sculpt C
25 Gneisneau - 'BB' reprint R
26 Nurnburg - CL new sculpt U
27 Z32 - DD new sculpt C
28 Ascari - DD new sculpt C
29 Caio Duilio - BB new sculpt R
30 Leonardo Da Vinci - submarine new sculpt C
31 Trento - CA new sculpt R
32 Z506 B Airone - Patrol bomber (floatplane) new sculpt U
33 Agano - CL reprint U
34 Chikuma - CA reprint R
35 Fuso - BB reprint R
36 Junyo - CV new sculpt R
37 Matsu - DD new sculpt C
38 Murasame - DD reprint C
39 N1K1 'George' - fighter new sculpt C
40 Suzuya - CA new sculpt R

R=Rare, U=Uncommon and C=Common.

There are many things of note on this list which will be most welcome – I am very pleased to see an R class battleship and a Sunderland for the Royal Navy; HMS Cossack I already have as the Tribal class DD has already appeared in the Canadian and Australian Navy. The Germans get a Narvik class destroyer (hooray!), Nurnberg and Gneisenau (which I already have via her sister Scharnhorst). The Italians get the Duilio and a Soldati calss DD and the Trento together with a floatplane patrol bomber. No comment in respect of the Pacific theatre but of additional interest is the Greek Georgios Averoff and the Vasilissa Olga – DD; not to mention the Finnish coastal defence ship Vainamoinen. The French also score the carrier Bearn , Provence , some aircraft and a new light cruiser. One of the great things about the expansions for this game is that if you are a naval war gamer then buying ships in multiples is usually a must. There is a very healthy market in single models on ebay and I am sure that I shall be making full use of this once the set has been released.

It looks like I shall be busy this summer as my ‘small basing exercise’ for the new acquisitions for my fleets has suddenly gotten a whole lot bigger!!


Paul O'G said...

Some nice ships in that lot!

David Crook said...

Hi Tas, Oh yes! Looking forward to the R class and a Narvik class DD.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

The Pacific is getting a useful new toy for the USA: the USS Houston! She is a Northampton class CA and can cover for the other five ships in her class. Guadalcanal players will need her for the Battle of Savo Island (USS Chicago) and the Battle of Tassafaronga (USS Northampton). The Salt Lake City COULD stand in but have the wrong arrangement of 8" Guns. A nice gain for us Pacific warriors.

David Crook said...

Hiya, A gaming friend of mine builds Pacific fleets and he is very pleased about the cruiser as well - an early US destroyer is also handy as well. As mentioned though - I cant wait to see the R class battleship!

All the best,