Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Axis and Allies: War at Sea - 'Bomb Alley'

Tonight sees the Royal Navy taking on the Italians in a War at Sea action. The numbers employed will be fairly low as we are using 100 point fleets but the game should be good in any event. As mentioned previously, we are testing out some proposed air rules amendments so i deliberately kept the forces small. We will playing the usual game - not the gridless version - and if the air rules work out I shall incorporate them into the Mediterranean based mini campaign currently under construction.

To any readers that are unfamiliar with this game suffice it to say that most Battleships come in at the 40 to 60 points so as you can see, from 100 points you are not left with a lot! At this scale you would expect to see perhaps a capital ship and some escorts with perhaps a cruiser or two. A carrier typically comes about the same cost as a battleship as you obviously have to pay for an air group.

I really enjoy these low level games as you only have a limited number of ships to worry about which tends to make for a more tactical game rather than the battle squadron slugfests of most wargaming fleet sized actions!

I shall report on the outcome in the next post.

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