Monday, 4 April 2011

ACW Naval Blips - A Logistical Tale of Woe

One of my intentions over the weekend was to complete the fitting out of the three gunboats and a ram I currently have on the construction table for the Confederates. This never happened for the most simple of reasons. The supply of plastic strip I use for gunports and hatches has been exhausted and I thought I had another packet of the same size in my stores cupboard. I do not possess any sheet plastic of the same thickness to use as an alternative so reluctantly decided to abandon the attempt until after I have visited Modelzone at Holborn later in the week. This was frustrating and so I decided to mark up the hulls for the next four models instead when I discovered that I only had sufficient sheet balsa for another two models so this has now also added to my shopping list. To salvage something from the time I had available I thought it would be a good idea to tackle the rules I have been working on for the period - or rather the ship specifications - only to find that the the most recent version of these is still on my PC at work and I had not emailed it to myself for home editing! All in all then, it was a mildly frustrating experience but I was able to console myself with my experiments with Hexon terrain and Command and Colours Napoleonic blocks (and wishing that they did similar for the ACW - indeed a whole host of other periods!) so the time spent was eventually productive albeit not quite as I had intended!

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Paul O'G said...

It happens to us all mate :-)