Thursday, 21 April 2011

Merit Trees, Hedges and Walls

A casual conversation at the club last night with Mr. Bryson has located a source of the aforementioned trees, hedges and walls, and in quantity. Laurie's shed has been described like the wargaming equivalent of Area 51 (with additional spiders!) and he is convinced that the said items are in fact lurking in the depths of the said storage facility. This has also been independently verified and over the weekend he and Mr. Slater will be attempting to locate and rescue these items with a view to an exchange of some kind. Apparently there are other delights lying hidden and long forgotten in there as well and so the exploration may throw up some other goodies.

I am really pleased by this as it means I will be able to press ahead with my Command and Colours 3d representations - both for the Napoleonic era (using the blocks) and for WW2.

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