Friday, 29 April 2011

General Bragg - Reloaded

Readers of this blog following my ongoing ACW naval collection will no doubt recall my continual wittering about masts and spars and how I have been agonising over the best way of making them. I have tried numerous experiments with cocktail sticks which have been by and large successful but I have not been that confident with the medium to try it on an actual model. To be honest, I was quite pleased that at the moment and for this part of the project pretty much all the models I was building did not feature masts as such so it was an easy excuse to do without any form of upright - even for flags.

Not any more.

Plastic rod is now the material of choice and to be frank, I don't know why I did not try this a lot sooner. I am using one thickness for the masts and a smaller thickness for the spars and the results are pretty impressive if I say so myself. All I needed to do was to drill a couple of holes and file a small groove on the mast where the spar was to fit and Bingo! Job done.

I have therefore retrofitted the two models of the General Bragg and the results you can see above. I am really pleased with this technique and the implications are for me, profoundly significant. There are a huge number of ideas I have had kicking around involving ships with masts and spars that will now at last have a chance of being realised.

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