Saturday, 30 April 2011

Putting the Cotton in Cotton Clad

I am currently building the last three ships for the Confederates - the CSS Governor Moore, CSS Stonewall Jackson and a further gunboat. The two named ships were cotton clad and all the pictures I have seen of them show the bales of cotton stacked around the superstructure. How on earth do I best represent this effect? My thinking at the moment is along the lines of using Miliput and scoring the pattern on the surface or I could take the easy way out and paint the effect. To be honest, I am leaning towards the former as I think it will take the paint quite well. the trick will be to get the 'bales' looking the right size and relatively in scale.

Mercifully the amount of superstructure to be treated thus is quite modest and so I should be able to tackle this tomorrow. That will be the only tricky part of the process, simply because it is an age since I last used Miliput.

Once finished though, that will be numbers 43 through 45 of the collection and my thoughts are already looking towards building the three Union timberclads.

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