Friday, 22 April 2011

Peter Pig 1/600th Troop Blocks for the ACW

In my previous post I mentioned that SteelonSand had very kindly donated to the cause some samples of the Peter Pig 1/600th scale troop blocks for use with their Hammerin' Iron range. The selection was a pack of each of the numbers from the range being infantry, infantry skirmishers, cavalry, artillery and command. I did no more than give these a cursory glance last night but I have now had a chance to look at them more closely and I have to say I am very impressed. They are roughly 3mm which makes a massive difference compared to the 2mm blocks from Irregular Miniatures. I am very tempted to use these for the land component of my ACW riverine collection and with this in mind I may experiment with painting them to see how they come out. My previous ideas for the land based kit involved using such things as matchsticks as lines of infantry but these models are so good that if my painting works out OK then some serious thought as to their future role may well have to be considered.

Then of course there is the samples of Oddzial's 3mm ACW troops which are on a completely different level all together - fuller details of which can be found on SteelonSands's blog so drop by and take a look - if you have not done so already then you will be staggered by what he has achieved with these (and other) smaller models.

Oh well, there goes another project for the 'to do' list!

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