Monday 5 August 2019

The Weekly Sitrep....Number 40

A less than inspiring looking cover (the boards are slightly warped as well as the water staining) but what can it be? Read on to find out....

A rather more productive week than of late - and a couple of boot sale bargains as well!

The Minifigs 25mm Marlburian collection is now listed on eBay on a 'but it now' basis but I will be amending the listing to separate out the individual units. I have seen similar styles of listing elsewhere and as soon as I have found out how to do it I will amend the same. I will be happy to sell off individual units so if you see anything of interest or have any questions let me know.

The listing can be found as follows:

Minifigs 25mm Marlburian Figures

I will be taking delivery of Eric's unpainted 20mm WW2 collection this evening - around some eight crates worth - so will be busy over the next few weeks sorting it all out. Once I have a handle on the scope and scale of the collection I will of course post to the blog. Bill reckons that a large portion f the infantry is Wargames Foundry which makes a degree of sense as they launched their 20mm range around the time that Eric ventured into WW2 in an Eric way i.e., substantially! As well as infantry there are vehicles (mostly metal with some resin types) and artillery so it will be interesting to see what he has. If the thoroughness of his late 17th and 18th century collections are anything to go by then this will be a pretty comprehensive set up.

Research for the pirate project continues and I think I am pretty close to finalising the land side. I intend using the figures for what I like to think are 'narrative skirmish' games. I envisage using around 40 to 50 figures a game although on occasion it will scale upwards depending on the scenario I am gaming. The plan is to have character figures operating individually whilst the rank and file typically run around in units. I shall be attending SELWG and hope that Foundry will be there as I should be able to get the extra figures I need to complete the collection.

We visited our local boot sale yesterday and I managed to come away with a couple of bargains. To be honest pickings have been very slim this year so I was very pleased to pick up a brand new leather case for my Kindle for £1 and a copy of the book you see above. To be honest the book itself is in what would be called at best a reading copy or else acceptable as it is a little ragged around the edges. However that is a minor consideration as not only is it possible to obtain a digital copy but it is in print courtesy of the Folio Society.

The opening pages - note the very serious looking Frenchman....

The Buccaneers of America by Alexandre Exquemelin is one of the most important sources for the activities of pirates in the 17th century. This is something that will be really useful for my project and so the 50p I paid for it is certainly money well spent. I have seen far better Folio Society editions on eBay for quite modest amounts so will look to replace this copy in due course.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

All I can say is that I have not been bitten by the Pirate bug "yet"

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

If I am honest the attraction for me for gaming with pirates is very much around setting the scene and the narrative. We are talking about skirmish level style games - possibly Rampant sized, even down to the role playing level so the genre is ideally suited to my space, time and resources.

It just appeals to me on many levels.

All the best,