Sunday 29 August 2021

The Real World - the First of Three Posts

 It has been a trying couple of weeks and so the blog has suffered accordingly. This will be the first of three posts and then there will be a shortish interlude whilst certain things play out.

I am well although I have been under enormous pressure both at work and home. In the case of the latter my wife has at last found out what the cause of her chronic back pain (and associated loss of sleep as well as mobility issues) is. This has taken around five years to diagnose but at last we now know what the problem is and so the next step will be to decide what the treatment regime will be. The options are medication, medication and physio or medication, physio and surgery. The good news is that the middle option of the three is the more likely although we will not know until we see the Neurologist. In the meantime she is taking industrial quantities of painkillers but remains functional albeit not to the level she would prefer!

The other news concerns my brother in law (Laurel’s older brother). You may recall my mentioning him previously - he is an ex-paratrooper that served in Aden during the Radfan campaign - on his visits to the UK. He is a Canadian citizen now and lives in Vancouver. We also found out a few weeks ago that he has stage 4 Lung Cancer and is now receiving palliative care. For the record I should oint out hat he has never smoked in all his 76 years!

Gordie, Laurel’s brother, is quite a character, even in the face of what he going through. He remains his usual cheerful self although tires easily. West Ham United’s start to the season has given him much enjoyment and he was even able to visit his local pub (actually affiliated to the British legion) for a shandy to see his mates. I have enjoyed numerous visits to various UK military museums with him when he has been over here - usually with a beer or six - as well as his range of service anecdotes.

His sang froid is quite humbling. He said to me that he has had a great life and that he will fight to the end because as a paratrooper (he NEVER says ‘ex’) it is what he is trained to do - to fight against the odds and although these are stacked against him he will keep on giving it his all.

He has been told to get his affairs in order and the prognosis is anything up to a year. 

The news has hit hard and unfortunately the possibility of getting to Vancouver to see him will be very difficult given Laurel’s health situation as well as the Covid restrictions in place in Canada - these are due to be reduced for overseas travellers in a week or so.

Needless to say I am sure you can appreciate that anything hobby related - however welcome the distraction would be - has been absolutely minimal.

We are in regular contact with him which helps and as mentioned, he remains unflaggingly cheerful - I have nothing but the utmost respect for him.

We have come to terms with what will be happening - as well as we can - although I am sure you cab appreciate it has been a torrid time.

I mentioned that this will be the first of three posts - the next two are gaming related (thankfully) - and so the following will be far more usual in content!


The Jolly Broom Man said...

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your wife’s diagnosis and treatment mate. As you know I have been down a similar path but 7 years on things are improving after a fashion. Keep your chin up.

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Sorry to hear your bad news , your brother in law sounds a brave man , my thoughts are with you and yours , Tony

nundanket said...

Sort to hear your news David. Be good to yourself as well as your good lady.

Bugger the blog. We’ll still be here when you feel like posting.

Peter Douglas said...

Sorry to hear the news about your brother in law. International travel is difficult currently. Hopefully things will ease enough to,let you visit.

Hoping for the best wife Laurel. It’s often a relief to identify the cause and it’s good that there are options.
Take car.

Mad Padre said...

Hello David;
I am very sorry to hear how much life is pressing upon you and hopeful that Laurel’s diagnosis will bring a good result. I can only
imagine how hard you are working to support her. I do hope you can’t get out to see your brother in law but sadly the COVID numbers here in Canada are ticking up alarmingly. Cheers and keep the faith.

Steve J. said...

Well I can empathise with your wife somewhat, as I now know what has been causing my back pain of late. Fortunately I haven't experienced the long term pain she has but at least the short term fix of medication is allowing me to function at about 80%, which is not too bad. Now I just have to wait to be seen, which could be 3 months before I get to the top of the list. The joys of getting older!

Our sons godmother recently passed away from lung cancer and again like your bother-in-law, had never smoked. Her sang froid and stoicism was incredible, but her religious belief helped her I think. I hope you can get to travel to see him as Canada is now on the green list.

Fingers crossed for you all that you can get through this difficult time as best you can.

tradgardmastare said...

Thinking of you and yours.

Tony Adams said...

My best wishes to you and yours at a very testing time. As said above, we will still be here when you get time and interest to restart the blog. Regards.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Best Wishes David
Thinking of you
You have put your priorities in the correct order!