Monday 18 May 2009

Artists Canvas Boards

Just an idea I had whilst out shopping over the weekend. Our local 99p shop sells stretched canvas mounted on a wooden frame for use by budding artists. These are in various sizes that have one thing in common - they are in multiples of 4". The largest size on offer is 16" by 20" but they do a larger version at 20" by 24". referring back to Barry Carters Naval wargaming book I note that his game boards are 20" by 25" - although he uses a square of 2 1/2" or 3". I am thinking that the acquisition of say, eight of these boards, suitably painted and gridded in 4" squares would give a geomorphic endless gaming surface just right for naval games. The canvas is stretched tightly so the weight of the models should cause too much in the way of sagging. For holding the boards in place I would use pieces of magnetic strip and steel paper. I shall give this a trial when I return from Turkey but for an outlay of £8 it will be hard to beat methinks.

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