Saturday 16 May 2009

Axis and Allies: War at Sea Part 3

After further tinkering with the camera I have taken some shots of the newly completed air wings for Axis and Allies:War at Sea. The models are scaled at 1/900th (as opposed to the 1/1800th of the ships) and all single engined types are cleverly cast joined at the wingtips to represent flying in close formation. Again, these are based simply because I prefer them that way. The Pacific selection I have is larger than the European but you can get the general idea of what they look like from the pictures. The next set will include a Ju88 (for which the Germans will be eternally grateful!) whilst the British get a Martlet (the Fleet Air Arm Wildcat) and a Sunderland (allegedly).

This picture sees four bases of Swordfish (presumably heading off to cause some mischief along the Italian coast....) with a close escort of Sea Hurricanes and some long range Beaufighters (probably from Malta) keeping them company.

For the Regia Aeronautica we have four bases of SM 79 torpedo bombers trying to find either Force H or any of the Malta bound convoys escorted by some Folgore fighters. Bringing up the rear are four bases of Italian Ju 87 dive bombers again with a Folgore escort. The white streaks on the bases are to give the impression of crossing the sea at high speed - yes, even for the Swordfish above!

Lastly we have the representatives of the Luftwaffe in the shape of Fliegerkorps 10. those six bases of Stukas with the Me 109 escort are going to really upset someones day - lets just hope the armoured flight deck is up to it! A marauding Kondor stands ready to pick off any stragglers.

Of all the models available in the War at Sea series I would say that the aircraft are probably the most novel although the paint jobs are weaker than the ships for the most part. that said, they are easy to paint over should you be so inclined.

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