Sunday 10 May 2009

Germany And The Next War by General F.von Bernhardi

Well another Sunday and yet another boot sale! Amongst a pile of assorted paperbacks on a particular stall I found a copy of the book above. This is a hardback A5 popular edition (it must have been as this is the 16th impression dated 1914 and it was only published in 1912 originally!). I have never come across this title before but it appears to be an overview of the why and wherefores of Germany fighting the next war (the Great War that is). Chapters include:

i The Right to Make War

ii The Duty to Make War

iii Germany's Historical Development

iv Germany's Historical Mission

v World Power or Downfall

vi Social and Political Significance of Army for War

vii The Character of our Next War

viii The Next Naval War

ix The Crucial Question

x Army Organisation

xi Training and Education

xii Preparation for the Naval War

xiii The Army and Popular Education

xiv Financial and Political Preparation for War


I will report further when I have read this and it is worth pointing out that the first edition was published just after the Morocco dispute.


Paul O'G said...

Great pickup DC!

David Crook said...

I must confess that I was hugely pleaed to get something like this as a counterpoint to all the GB jingoistic stuff around - a view from the other side of the hill even!

vonLuden said...

It is also available from Google: