Thursday 14 May 2009

Naval Wargames on a Grid

I recently acquired a copy of Barry Carter's Naval Wargames WW1 and WW2 published in 1975 by David and Charles. The book is in superb condition and covers many aspects of naval wargaming over the period in question including the use of air power, submarines and the all important campaign system. Another big attraction is that the rules are designed to work on a squared grid. At first reading there are so many ideas I would like to use for my own purposes that it has presented me with quite a quandary in respect of my aforementioned gridded WW1 version of DBSA. Whilst it is not quite a case of back to the drawing board with the set I am working on (or, dare I say, back to square 1) it will force me to change a few things.


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Having seen the image of the book cover I thought 'I know that book. I must own a copy.' ... which I do!

I found my copy - bought in 1975 - in one of the boxes in which I store my 'less' important wargames books (I don't have shelf space for everything!).

I have begun to look through it, and I have realised that it probably had more impact on my ideas about naval wargames than I had thought, particularly the use of squares. So watch my blog over the next few days for my 'take' on Barry Carter's book.


David Crook said...

I will be very interested to see your take on the book - certainly it has given me much to think about. I am now considering how ideas from the book, DBSA and Tabletop Battles can be gelled into one set.