Saturday 16 May 2009

Balkan Wars Afloat Part 2

After a session of tinkering with my camera I have managed to get a couple of pictures of the Greek and Turkish fleets for use in the Balkan wars. What you see are two representative squadrons modelled on the forces present at the Battle of Lemnos. The shades of grey I used for each fleet are a little on the dark side, especially when black washed but they look fine all the same when viewed on a gaming tabletop. The 'sea' they are sailing on is in fact a place mat pressed into service - at a little over A3 size they would not be much use for a naval game unless I sewed the whole lot that's a thought.;-)

The first picture is of the Greek squadron consisting of the Armoured Cruiser Georgios Averoff, the three coastal defence battleships Hydra, Psara and Spetsai and six of the newest destroyers - the four ships of the Aetos class and the two ex German vessels - all under the command of the redoubtable Rear Admiral Kountouriotis aboard the Averoff.

The Turkish Squadron consists of the rebuilt battleship Messudiye, the two ex-German built battleships Hayreddin Barbarossa and Torgud Reis, the even older Assar-i Tewfik and a selection of TBDs of the Muavent-i Milleye class and Akhisar class TBs all under the command of Cpt Ramiz Bey

I will get around to refighting the Battle of Lemnos using DBSA at some point - you can see the attraction of such small fleets as in this case from the time of purchase to the first use was a little under two weeks!


El Grego said...

Looks like it will be fun!

As a veteran of paper and chart intensive games like SeeKrieg and Ironclads, DBSA seems so pedestrian yet a desire to cut out the paperwork is appealing. Can't wait to hear how it works out for you... (I even found the DBSA Yahoogroup)


David Crook said...

I must confess that the piles of ship charts and tables no longer has any appeal for me - this is after some 30 years of naval gaming as well! DBSA is fun although a little 'sterile' and to be honest is very much a starter rather than the main course. I have a set of rules on the drawing board that borrows from DBSA (amongst others) and is part of my desired goal of zero book keeping!