Wednesday 20 May 2009

Artists Canvas Boards

After trying out a few combinations of the aforementioned canvas boards (or rather trying to visualise what it would look like - difficult when you only have one of them and that belongs to my daughter....!) I am definitely going to try this out on my return from Turkey. I tried out an area comprising 8 of the 16" by 20" boards deployed in two columns of 4 boards. this gives me a playing area of 40" by 48" which translates into 10 by 12 4" squares. That area covers my dining table with a little overhang so is ideal for my available space. To 'join' the boards I will use magnetic strip and steel paper and the only concern at the moment is that the boards are only framed around the perimeter which may be a problem when overhanging a table edge on a corner. I will paint these up in a sea blue and grid with a marker pen and will take pictures of the end result. Boards of this size will also fit very snugly in the storage area in my 'office' thereby avoiding the wrath of the domestic management!


El Grego said...

Interesting idea. I do wonder about the center of the frames - enough tension to support minis but maybe not enough for a clumsy player (like myself).

David Crook said...

I had considered this as well and it would not be too much of a problem to add a further level of bracing. The method is fine for naval but a land based game may be too heavy for the surface - especially using 28mm etc.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I'm intrigued with your progress on this.

As it happens I have a random collection of the self and same artists boards right in front on me and I am eying them with a certain amount of curiosity while nonchalantly looking at my blue paint tubes.

Like the naval theme to the blog :)

David Crook said...

Sadly the idea is still around but I never got around to following through with it. that said, I noticed last weekend a local store was selling some large canvas boards with some pretty good bracing so I may have to revisit it. My existing cloth is a little on the dark side so a lighter finish would be order. I will post to the blog when I have looked at it further. The naval theme is one of many although it is very much the flavour of the moment!