Saturday 9 May 2009

The Cut of the Cloth

Well I spent some time yesterday evening griding up the previously mentioned blue cloth with 4" squares. The end result is OK but I did experience the 'pull' effect by not having the cloth tightly stretched enough. Still, given that the grid id in black on a fairly dark blue cloth any wayward lines (which are minimal in any event) are not easily discernible. I finished up with an area of 11 by 13 squares and I opted for a standard grid rather than offset squares. This has a more traditional and aesthetic appeal but in doing so I have given myself an additional task in that the rules will need a revision to incorporate the sea change......;-)

I have already given this some thought and will crunch the play sheet over the next day or so. I was initially reluctant to do this but seeing the end result and having put some models on to see how it works am very pleased I did.

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