Sunday 24 May 2009

A Short Interlude

Well it has finally come around at long last - I am off for a short and much needed family holiday in Turkey. We have not been there before (although we did try to get there last year but ended up on the Greek island of Skiathos instead - which was outstanding nevertheless). I shall be back with the latest updates on all the various projects I am involved with on 2nd June and will no doubt come back from Turkey with a whole load of new ones!

The holiday reading material has been selected (The Naval Situation in the Mediterranean 1908 to 1914 by Paul Halpern and Lords of the Horizons by Jason Goodwin) and a couple of notepads and pens are also packed for good measure.

To say I am looking forward to this is probably an understatement.....................;-)


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Have a great holiday and come back refreshed and full of ideas!


David Crook said...

I certainly hope to - although I seem to have plenty of ideas on the go as it is!

Paul O'G said...

Hope you are having an awesome time in the Levant!

David Crook said...

To say that it was relaxing was an understatement - I did absolutely nothing other than amble from the room to the pool via the bar and it was divine! The food was outstanding and the Turkish beer consumed in quantity! Lots of ideas for Med based Naval and VSF stuff - to follow in due course.