Thursday 29 October 2009

Mediterranean and Black Sea Fleet Lists

You may recall from my previous posts that as a result of my 'tweaking' of the DBSA - The Great War at Sea Gridded - rules I am working on will require some revision of the existing ship specification charts. You may also recall that these charts were originally drafted whilst I was on holiday in Turkey earlier in the year. The lists of ships started life as the ship specifications charts from Mike Fischer's 'Easy Ships' hex based rules available free from ; together with ship counters you can print off of just about everything that floated from 1890 onwards. I printed off his ship charts (a really handy reference and no mistake) and used them for the information I needed for my own tables. It was a lot easier using them than lugging copies of Jane's or Conway's around that's for sure!

As the rules have changed somewhat over the past six months it would now be a good idea to revisit the ship charts and ensure that they are reflecting my current thinking on the subject. I have added protected cruisers, old battleships, coastal defence battleships and torpedo boats so at the very least these categories will need changing. The other significant revision is in connection with speed as I am now using the method employed by Barry Carter in his excellent Naval Wargames so individual ships will have their actual speed more accurately reflected. this task will not take too long to tackle - particularly as initially I am confining my efforts to the Mediterranean and Black Sea so the Royal Navy and High Seas Fleets will have to wait their turn; as will the Baltic Russians.

Once completed, these will of course be available to anyone that wants a copy - as are the latest version of the rules.

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