Saturday, 17 October 2009

Terminator Marines - dont you just love 'em!! Part 8

The red marines are now complete and despite the best efforts of my camera to the contrary, they look rather nice. This was a much simpler undertaking than the blue marines as all I needed to do was to repaint the weapons and chest eagles and add the trim to the command figures shoulder pads. As before, the eagles and trim was painted using GW Burnished Gold and the hardware was drybrushed in GW Boltgun Metal. Some GW Desert Yellow was dusted on the sand bases as well, to add a little depth. The picture did not come out too well as the flash flooded the detail so I may change this later - the shading effect has been lost somewhat! Once again, a coat of GW Purity Seal satin varnish was added to give a lovely sheen and to enrich the base red.

I must confess that for 20 year old figures they have scrubbed up pretty well and will continue to cause mayhem across many a stricken hulk for hopefully another 20 years!


Paul O'G said...

Very nice again. I must admit that you have me inspired to give my old 1st Edition Termies some love too. With Blood Angel and Space Wolf Squads already made up, I think some nice blue Ultras are needed!

David Crook said...

It was quite a therapeutic exercise to be sure! I have sourced a huge supply of marines as well at a cost of zero whch is very good! They are the Space Rangers produced by EM4 Miniatures and they will fit in very nicely. Glad you are giving your termies some love!

Paul O'G said...

So have you used these guys in anger yet mate???

David Crook said...

Hi Tas,

I sure have and even after 20 years they still kick some serious 'stealer butt!

I have plans to expand the forces slightly with some scratchbuilt remote sentry guns (as in Aliens the special edition)and some lighter marine types.

All the best,