Thursday, 15 October 2009

Terminator Marines - dont you just love 'em!! Part 6

At last the latest addition to the forces of the empire in the shape of 15 terminator marines have been completed. These models are the first plastic terminators that GW produced and all have had the aerials removed from the top of the model. They are pretty wooden in terms of pose but they are fine for all that. Just to recap, they were painted using a combination of enamels (base coat and black for the weapons and eagles), inks (well ink actually - overall full strength GW blue) and acrylics (GW Burnished Gold for the eagles and officers trim and GW Boltgun Metal drybrushed over the hardware) and some GW transfers for the shoulder flashes. The base was two layers of sand drybrushed with Desert Yellow and the whole lot was varnished with GW Purity Seal satin varnish. The Red marines will now go under the brush for a refurb to bring them up to the current standard.


Paul O'G said...

Ohhh- lovely! I spy a Librarian too, but dont remember getting the autocannon guys with my expansions. I love the way the colour has come out and the detailing is very crisp. I think you've done an excellent job with these old models!

I have a dozen or so of these 1st edition guys screaming for attention also, but my first attempts at a similar blue were complete rubbish - did you use GW bliue ink on a white undercoat?

David Crook said...

Many thanks old boy!

The assault cannon was a conversion of the basic figure and a couple of plastic Titan weapons from Adeptus Titanicus (sadly no longer available but they were really good for all sorts of things!) cut down and added to the flamer mount (also cut back) - I originally had sufficient pieces to convert 4 figures into assault cannon troops although the weapon is on the large side - it looks pretty menacing though!

The blue was a base coat of Humbrol Matt 109 and then covered with GW blue ink at full strength. I then dry brushed the highlights with the base Humbrol 109. The Purity Seal spray varnish really helps to tone the blue nicely.

The refurbishment of the red marines is now underway - the weapons and chest eages have been blacked over as have the command figure shoulder pads and the librarians decoration. These wont take as long and I want to finish them over the next couple of days.

As usual, pics will follow!