Friday, 30 October 2009

Playing Surface Blues

One of the problems I am experiencing at the moment with my gridded blue cloth is that it is a little on the dark side and so difficult to photograph with my camera clearly. Whilst I am happy with the blue I use for the ship bases I need to get some 'lightness' on the playing surface but in such a way that the ship bases merge satisfactorily. I don't want to repaint the ship bases so will have a look at whether or not a lighter shade of cloth or board would be more suitable. I had an idea about washing a light blue cloth/board with blue ink or some such which would give a good sea effect and blend in with the models bases.

I am not averse to buying seascape type game mats but with finances as they are it is not an option at the moment so I will check out my local art shop for some ideas and inspiration.

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