Friday 2 October 2009

A 'Risky' Business Part 2

You may recall my post in September in which I was extolling the virtues of using the figures from the 2004 edition of the popular board game - Risk. Since that time I have been keeping a weather eye open at boot sales to see if I could acquire further sets. I have had no luck thus far but did manage to get a copy from ebay for a reasonable price - which means the body count is now double the previous total. I have been trying out a few base sizes for these and am looking at a 40mm frontage with 4 close order foot, 3 loose and 2 skirmisher types. The loose order will probably be for militia type troops. The base depths will be 15mm for the close order foot and 20mm for the other with mounted 30mm deep. I checked out the new Pendraken 10mm AWI range (see for details) and am really pleased that the infantry command figures are available separately - if you remember the foot figures came in about 12mm and given the slight scale creep with most figure ranges these days I am hoping that they will fit in without looking too out of place. The infantry figure looks closest to an AWI British Infantryman than anything else but at the price I paid for both sets and the quantity I now have I shall not be being overly pedantic about national dress!

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