Thursday, 15 October 2009

Terminator Marines - dont you just love 'em!! Part 7

As an extension to the two forces of terminator marines I have decided to paint the 10 scout marines that came with the GW game Tyranid Attack, which I own a copy of. I shall paint them up in the chapter colours I have used already i.e. red and blue, and I will also see about trying to source some figures from the old MB Games boardgame Space Crusade for use as the marines. These figures are also quite 'wooden' in terms of pose but they will fit in nicely with the 1989 to 1991 vintage plastic figures I have thus far. I still have another 27 Genestealers to paint to add to the 40 I already have and then of course there is the 6 Tyranids.............;-)

As I have a large chunk of this stuff already to use adding a few additional pieces is not too onerous - especially as the models are already on tap. Small, bite-sized add-ons is the way to go at the moment so the 10 figures referred to above will be a pleasant diversion from college assignments - as there are so few of them at least I wont feel guilty about spending too much time on them!


Paul O'G said...

love the retro figs. You shoul be able to scroe some cheap version of SC around too. Always through that had a fantastic campaign game seup, which would be great for space hulk

David Crook said...

I have a few of the SC figures but will need more of them to make it work. I must confess that in a perverse way I like tweaking the GW nose using out of date and older models rather than the very expensive current offerings!

I shall be spending a couple of hours on the red marines today as well as on our mutual project.........;-)