Sunday, 11 October 2009

...And now, the end is near.................

The boot sale season is winding down as the weather begins to move into winter Yeuch! mode - damp and drizzly as I write this. Stoically though, both of our preferred bootsales are going to continue until the weather renders them untenable. I will continue to go until the mud seeps over the top of my wellies! Seriously though, I managed once again to pick up a couple of goodies at the much mentioned 'Lazybones' boot sale at Rettenden. Firstly, for the princely sum of 20p I acquired a copy of Donald Morris's The Washing of the Spears in paperback. this book has been on my 'to read' list for ages - I realise that it is a little dated - Ian Knight has covered the ground in exhaustive detail - but it is a classic and worthy of attention. The second title is a combined Blandford title published by Peerage and covers bombers and fighters of world war two. A handy reference for the bookshelf and a snip at 50p. The final item is the two disc special edition DVD of the classic film The Mission starring Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons. It also features that hauntingly enigmatic soundtrack by Ennio Morricone. All I need now is two hours spare to watch it in...........;-) This cost me a £1 and was in unused condition.

The blue terminators have had the shoulder transfers added - not without a few dramas though and I must get some of that decal coat to apply them with. I am hoping to have them finished fairly soon.


Paul O'G said...

"Washing of the Spears is a top read - you'll love it. Watch for the naval landing parties using gatling guns in action for the first time!

David Crook said...

I was very pleased to get a copy ofthis as the Zulu War is one of those periods I would love to try and I always seem to come back to it periodically. Plus of course there is also THAT film........;-)

"Alllllll right then, nobody said you could stop working........"