Thursday 4 November 2010

Battle Cry! by Avalon Hill/Hasbro

It has been an eventful week thus far for a number of reasons. Firstly, SWMBO and I have spent three anxious nights commuting to the local vets with one of our two cats, Misty the 10 year old Persian Blue (seen above, looking as aloof and disdainful as only one of his breed can!) who has been diagnosed as suffering from cat flu. He is very poorly but expected to recover in time and resume his customary regal bearing. He is cutting a particularly forlorn figures at the moment and looks little like the handsome chap in the picture at the moment. According the various cat books SWMBO owns Persians are supposed to have a 'soft, musical voice......' I can only assume then that Misty has yet to read this book as his voice when in full flow is neither soft nor musical!
Secondly I was at home with a dose of the screaming awfuls on Tuesday, feeling particularly achey and feverish with the obligatory sure throat thrown in for good measure. I feel a little better now but am looking forward to the weekend for a proper rest.
Thirdly, and despite all this medical doom and gloom, a huge box arrived from the US today - my copy of Battle Cry! by Avalon Hill/Hasbro - the ACW Command and Colours game. To say I was pleased to see this after what has thus far been a particularly bleak week (excepting of course Chelsea winning 4 - 1 against the Russians last night in the Champions League!) is perhaps an understatement.
Finally, The RN and the Kriegsmarine Axis and Allies: War at Sea fleets have both gone to new homes and I also have a ton of Lord of the Rings figures to sort as part of the result, as well as the funds for the new 1/3000th versions.
Anybody want to buy an Italian Navy?........;-)


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


Sorry to hear that your cat is unwell. I hope it makes a full recovery very soon.

In the meantime ... have you played with your 'new' copy of BATTLE CRY yet?

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Bob,

Many thanks re the cat - I have passed on your best wishes and got a rather strangled sounding meow by way of a reply! He seems better in himself but his mouth is really sore and so he walking around with his mouth open and tongue dangling and drooling everywhere.

I am sorting the Battle Cry stuff out (checking the pieces etc) but did manage to reread the rules on the train this evening. I am looking forward to playing this again and rest assured - this time the copy I own is going nowhere!

All the best,


Chris Johnson said...


If any pieces, etc., are missing, let me know, as my buddy and I both have extras, so I'll check to see if we can fill any gaps.


David Crook said...

Hi Chris,

Many thanks for the offer - everything seems to be present but any spare figures I would happily trade for.

All the best,