Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Memoir of Battle at Sea - Rules and Models

The paperwork for the next playtest of my naval version of the Battle Cry/Memoir 44 inspired rule set is virtually complete and so the next action set in the Black Sea will be taking place this weekend. I am looking froward to this for a number of reasons, not least of which because I am keen to get the rules to a satisfactory level before I tackle the complex issue of aircraft. I have the air section complete but it exists as an untested draft and so will need to be tried out a few times. The game turn sequencing and most of the mechanics for aerial combat have been unashamedly 'borrowed' from Axis and Allies: War at Sea although they do have a couple of minor 'tweaks' incorporated.

Meanwhile the great ironclad construction programme continues with the first casemate ship for the ACW nearing completion - I am at the fittings stage of adding deck grills, gun port covers etc - and I hope to post this to the blog soon. I am pleased with the progress of this thus far and should the finished model look OK then I shall press on with some more - quite a few more in fact!

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