Sunday, 7 November 2010

Memoir of Battle at Sea - A Question of Damage

I have been forced to have a little bit of a rethink in respect of hit points for recording damage. I think originally I had set these rather too low and so ships would disappear more quickly than I would have liked. As a result I have increased these very slightly - most noticeably at the lower end of the ship types - torpedo boats and destroyers. The lowest number of hit points a ship can have is now 2 - this being for early torpedo boats and destroyers of under 500 tons. The knock on effect of this is that everything above it has needed to be tweaked upwards as a result - and this also includes the first batch of ship specifications I had drafted.

Although this will mean some extra work in respect of the ship specification charts I feel much happier with the resultant scores I will use and so will not mind the added task. Tactically it will cause players to be more aware of the potential of a torpedo attack as the attacking ships in question will not be swatted away quite so easily.

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