Friday 12 November 2010

Rules, Plans and Good Intentions

After a week of high drama (aside from the distressing feline episode there was also the small matter of the attempted bank account fraud we had to contend with) it is with an enormous sense of relief that at last the weekend is upon us. I have a few domestic duties to attend to but anticipate being able to visit my local branch of Hobbycraft for some bits and pieces as well as running the next play test of my version of Memoir of Battle at Sea. This will be a much larger affair than previously and will feature more ships types. Once again, the Black Sea will be the theatre of operations with those old protagonists the Russians and the Turks. I will also be using the Hexon set up to a full sized 13 x 9 playing area. This is a big deal for me as this will be my preferred gaming area size going forward and happily the set up fits snugly on the dining table. I will be doing a full write up with photos (I intend experimenting with these beforehand) so it will be a rather lengthy post methinks.

In respect of battle reports I confess that I have changed my approach slightly in that I am now recording actual moves and dice rolls etc rather than describing the action as though it were a real battle. This is not nearly as dramatic (or as much fun!) but makes for a better record of events. The one thing I learned from my previous report is that preparation is key – I am going to set up a game turn template for recording moves, combat results and hits etc rather than relying on odd scraps of paper. I do not envisage using this for actual face to face games; rather it is intended as a tool to use whilst testing.

Another task for the weekend concerns the previously mentioned flying bases for use with the WW2 aircraft counters from Victory at Sea. I need to make a couple of dozen of these so will be gluing, painting and chopping at some point.

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