Saturday, 6 November 2010

Memoir of Battle at Sea - Still Afloat and Making Waves

My version of the Memoir 44 inspired naval rules is coming along very nicely following the recent playtest. I have incorporated a number of tweaks into the rules and am set fair for the next trial. This will involve the use of some other ship types and so will be more representational of the scenarios I envisage playing. I have also completed the ship specification charts for the Austrian, French, Italian, Greek, Russian (Black Sea) and Turkish navies. I will need to add to my fleets for this theatre in due course and so the proceeds of my recent disposals will be put to good use.

The rule changes are fairly minor but may well be significant in respect of their overall effects - as is usually the way with these things it is only obvious when the rule is actually tested!

One small problem I am having at the moment though is trying to find a shade of paint that matches the blue/green of the Hexon tiles - this will be for the card bases of my models when I complete them. I have a couple of colour charts available so will explore them over the next day or so and see what is suitable. As a rule I prefer to use colours straight out of the tin/pot rather than mixing shades - mainly because I can never seem to replicate it later!

The cat is about the same - no better but mercifully no worse either. He does look very sorry for himself though.

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