Saturday, 19 March 2011

Command and Colours Napoleonics - Expansion Number 1

Synchronicity in action yet again! No sooner than I finish extolling the virtues of The Peninsular War Atlas than along comes the 'missing link' from the Command and Colours Napoleonic game - the Spanish! This is obviously good news for the Peninsular gamer as the Spanish army played an important role in the war - despite its abysmal record against the French. It managed a few victories along the way but by and large was more of a threat than an actual menace. The French could simply not ignore the Spanish armies and so had to keep their forces spread out and not employed in an overwhelming mass against the Anglo-Portuguese.
The contents of this expansion (not yet available but it has made the production pre order cut) look something like this:
One 2" spine box
Scenario Booklet that features 18 historical scenarios plus Expansion rules.
2 Spanish National Unit Reference Cards
181 Blocks
95 Infantry blocks (71 Spanish - 24 French)
73 Cavalry blocks (39 Spanish - 34 French)
9 Artillery blocks (9 Spanish)
4 Leader blocks (4 Spanish)
3 Block Label sheets
1 Terrain Tile Sheet - contains 15 double sided Terrain Tiles
1 Square and Counter sheet
1 Spanish Infantry Square Track
4 Spanish Square Counters
9 Spanish Victory Banner counters (Spanish Flag one side, French Flag other side)
6 Spanish Guerrilla Action tokens
The price is quoted at USD 50 so will probably be around the £35 level over here.
I can't wait!


Conrad Kinch said...

I'm just hoping HAT get weaving on these chaps before the supplement comes out.

David Crook said...

Hi CK,

I will let you into a little secret - if I ever did Napoleonics again it would be in 20mm plastic!

All the best,