Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends...."

I have made a mistake: pure and simple. I had thought I had managed to cover all the bases, or rather models for the first part of my ACW building project and was feeling, to be honest, pretty pleased with myself. Only one small detail was overlooked. I had forgotten about the three Union timberclads - Tyler, Lexington and Conestoga. This is itself was bad enough but I then suddenly remembered about the ships with 'walking beams' - some of these were included in the Confederate River Defence Fleet and so could not easily be ignored. Then of course there was the additions to the city class gunboats for the Union (this will mean I have built the class!) and while I was about it, what about a few more cotton clads for the Rebels; just to even things up a little?
The order for the walking beams is in with Peter Pig and yours truly now has a building list of around another 14 models! These will be built whilst I am painting in any event so they will not be too distracting. These models would have been included in the Gulf expansion when I got around to it so I guess making them now makes more sense in the long run as it means the river section will be complete - from my intended campaign perspective this will be a big advantage.
Secretly I am pleased to be doing this as I have been suffering from balsa wood withdrawal symptoms in any event!
I am wondering if the dog is wagging the tale or vice versa....;-)

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