Thursday, 17 March 2011

Slower Progress and the Sometimes Dubious Benefits of Pottering

Due to a work related evening last night I was unable to get anything done in respect of the first three of the final batch of models currently under construction. I have three Cairo class gunboats at the fitting out stage (funnels, pilot houses and gunports) so they will be ready soon and then after that will follow the three Union timberclads. Past experience has taught me the folly of attempting anything when tired - especially any 'fiddly' detail work - so I spent a half an hour or so 'pottering' about in my gaming/modelling 'office-cum-man-cave'.

I find this to be a very therapeutic pursuit and it serves to stoke up the enthusiasm when all you are doing is flagging for whatever reason (in this case due to having spent a considerable time poring over some quite involved spreadsheets). A short browse through my ACW naval library soon restored my positive thinking and I am now as keen as ever to resume the building.

It also serves to inspire the soul and to plant those little seeds of projects for further contemplation and consideration at a later date.

All this whilst contentedly sipping a cup of tea and thoughtfully nibbling on a chocolate digestive biscuit....

Ideas can sneak up on you and sometimes from the most unlikely sources.

Now just where did I put that XYZ miniatures catalogue? I am sure they produce a range of figures for the ABC war....;-)

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