Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Most Welcome Addition - Albeit it 3 Months Late!!

It would have been really nice if I had discovered this book three months ago! As it is though I should perhaps be saying 'better late than never'. Warships of the Civil War Navies by Paul Silverstone is an absolute goldmine of a book. The author is a noted US naval history specialist and has written many books on the subject of the warships of the said navy from steam to the nuclear age. The book is stuffed full of technical detail, some very good photos and much else besides. It has presented me though with a small problem. Stern Wheelers.
I had forgotten about stern wheelers....
This in itself would not be so bad but for the fact that a couple of the Ellet Ram fleet were stern wheelers and as yet I have not built any. I cannot think about a river based set up for the ACW without stern wheelers because whenever you think of the Mississippi you always thing of stern wheeled paddle steamers (at least I do although the side wheelers are probably easier to make).
It is not a problem though as I shall merely use a pair of the Ellets as other gunboats or transports and will replace them with the aforementioned stern wheelers. I have an idea as to how to make the rear wheel for these ships but it will need a visit to either a hardware shop or possibly Ikea. Wooden dowels, thats the answer - especially those that have grooves in them.
We shall see.....Stern wheelers, I can't believe I missed stern wheelers....(mumbles to himself, incoherently....).


Paul O'G said...

Better late than never!

David Crook said...

Hi Man Cave,

Very true indeed sir! It rounds off the ACW Naval library very nicely.

All the best,


Conrad Kinch said...

Another craft sadly lacking from your collection - Jim and Hucks raft.

David Crook said...

Hi CK,

Still on the lookout for plans of Jim and Hucks raft - the difficulty is the colour scheme....

All the best,