Tuesday 11 September 2012

Heroscape Deserts

"What do you mean you forgot the sun cream?"

Following on from my recent game using the Heroscape tiles rather than Hexon I have been trawling the net with a view to trying to acquire some of the blue ‘water’ tiles. I managed to source a full set of the tiles from the base game via Ebay which will be very handy indeed – not only for the blue tiles but also as the others are in their raw state I will be able to model specific terrain features if needed. It also means that I can produce a desert set more readily rather than by painting over the green flocked tiles. To be honest this is not really essential but in the interests of consistency I should have a flocked desert set – it will certainly look better in any event. Mention of the desert has awakened a whole series of ideas I have for games using the blocks which up until now I have not been able to progress. This also means that completing the 20th century blocks has assumed a greater degree of priority as a number of these ideas will involve tanks – and rather a lot of them....;-)

It also means that my old friend T.E.Lawrence will at last get a look in which rather nicely coincides with the release of David Lean’s Oscar-winning film Lawrence of Arabia on Blue Ray. There is also the added attraction of the Sanussi revolt in WW1 as well so I will have more than enough to keep me busy with desert type adventures of one kind or another!

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