Wednesday 26 September 2012

Puttin' on the Tile

Another example of just what can be done with Heroscape tiles

This morning saw the arrival of the second set of blue Heroscape tiles to go with the collections I already own. I now have 62 blue tiles and need to get another three sets worth to cover the desired 13 x 9 playing area  although for plan B an alternative is available from the US which would be ideal for purely naval games.

If you look on ebay at the following Heroscape Blue Base Level Mat you will see just what I mean - and many thanks to one of my regular blog readers,  SAROE  for the heads up on this.

My only problem with using the above mat is that I am thinking with the postage from the US it will make it quite an expensive purchase. I am waiting for an answer from the seller so will take a view on it then. The Heroscape blue tiles will be used in support of the land based collection and are intended for 1/2400th ironclads and the ancient and 16th century galleys in due course. As much of what I envisage will fall in the combined arms/near coastline this is absolutely fine for what I want.

In the meantime the larger hexed Hexon collection will be supporting the 1/4800th scale WW2 collection and possibly the same for WW1 in due course.


Ray Rousell said...

Hi Dave,

I was mistakenly contacted by Tony from Tiny Tin Troops, who's got some Heroscape tiles for sale, drop me a line at and I'll pass on his email, if you want to that is!

David Crook said...

Hi ray,

Very much so old chap! An email is winging its way to you. BTW, you have mentioned something about Punic Wars armies in the past - care to elaborate on my home email?

All the best,


Jim Duncan Wargamer said...


I'll be in the States next May and June. If you haven't acquired your hex mat by then we could have a go at sending it to my timeshare address.


David Crook said...

Hi Jim,

That is a very kind offer and much appreciated. I will see what the postage is but suspect it will be pretty stiff and then of course there is the possibility of customs as well - all of which serves to bump the price up!

In the meantime I will press on with the search for more blue tiles.

All the best,