Saturday 29 September 2012

Lawrence and the Alien(s) - the only way to be sure....

....Mmmm, epic Blue Ray....

In space, no-one can hear you watch the six discs of slavering and chittering Blue Ray-ness....

Well the birthday prezzies were welcome, unexpected and wholly appreciated and the main highlights of interest were the two items you see above. Lawrence of Arabia of course needs no introduction - neither does my long time interest in the man and his times. This will be a pleasure to be savoured when the house is empty and I have a guaranteed slot of four hours undisturbed with the TV.

The Alien Anthology (all four films and two discs of extras) again needs no introduction and so owning the whole set will give me plenty of action and suspense-filled viewing - again, when the house is empty and the beers are in the fridge.

I am also waiting on delivery of a book which I did not expect and once it arrives I will of course post the details.

All in all then, I can safely say that the birthday was a good one and all I now need to do is to book the TV in the lounge (usually by the simple expedient of waiting until SWMBO is out for the evening!) for some serious viewing pleasure.


Sean said...

A yes. Every now and then the children allow me the privilege of watching my own tv in my own damn house.

David Crook said...

Hi Sean,

In my house it is not the children - it is my beloved!

However I do have a TV session booked for Tuesday next week.

All the best,