Friday 27 October 2017

Greek or Mediterranean Style Buildings

A small selection from my collection of buildings. Note the flat roof types that are equally at home representing Middle Eastern dwellings.

My recent return to the Mediterranean and matters Greek related (see my last post for why) have certainly given me some inspiration to get a block game together in some fashion. I was thinking about running a rear guard type of action - initially that covering the retreat to Waterloo - but reckon there is sufficient mileage in the Greek campaign to warrant a good look. It was with this thought in mind that whilst trawling back over some old blog posts (you would be surprised at what I found whilst doing so!) I came across the above picture of my collection of Greek style buildings.

I have around a couple of dozen of these of various shapes and sizes and they are usually sold a souvenirs. they are ceramic and glazed but look well enough on the table top. They have served me very well and have featured in many of my games. The great thing about them is that for the most part they have quite a small table footprint. Some of the buildings have also served for any Middle Eastern actions I have fought.

Mine have originated from three sources - boot sales, actual souvenirs (I purchased a small number when I was last in Corfu - and will probably do so again when we return there next summer) and as a present (with thanks to Bob Cordery for the latter).

They will be very useful for the British and Commonwealth forces to defend against the invading Germans....


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Ahem a long way to go for some scenery!
At least SWMBO will be kept happy :)

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

Given that I already have around two dozen of these I suspect that I will not need to add many when go to Corfu next year. having said that I am planning on a fortress/museum crawl so lets wait and see...;-)

All the best,