Wednesday 1 April 2020

A Short Interlude

The last of the Del Prado figures that arrived on Monday. These will be filling some gaps in the collection and feature a selection of Allied types. The French that arrived in the same parcel are currently waiting their turn on the painting table. The two rifles officer figures I already had but due to rethink about organisations etc are now being dressed for action.

Short, as in just for today. Work on the Del Prado collection has paused momentarily as this evening I am planning to carry out a major counter punching session. You may recall my recent acquisition of a copy of the Avalon Hill board game of Jutland. I have a whole range of additional navies and expansions for both the British and Germans, all of which are in need to punching out and organising. It will be the work of an evening so tonight is the night.

I have amassed a quantity of clear plastic grip top bags (courtesy of Warbases) which will be used for the ship counters - I merely need to prepare some labels for each bag.

The selection of figures above were finished this morning and unbelievably I was able to do so using what I thought was the empty paint tin mentioned yesterday. It is now completely finished and has been consigned to the bin (with grateful thanks!) so the French will be started using brand new tins of paint.

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