Saturday 16 July 2022

Back to the Main Event

Confederate hardware - the ironclad may well be retired but the jury is still out on that

The quick and easy fort I knocked up - I shall build another like this and then something larger

A selection of Union ships

Right then, after all my profound observations, soul searching and general thinking about ‘stuff’ it is now back to the main event in earnest! I mentioned about the remaining models to be built for the ACW project  and so I thought it would help to detail where my thoughts are with this final batch of ships. Aside from the new builds there are some models that need some refurbishing - nothing major, just a few additions here and there.


To Build

1 x frigate (under construction)

1 x sloop (under construction)

2 x ‘double enders’ (under construction)

1 x Ozark (under construction)

1 x Varuna

1 x City class gunboat

To Refurbish

2 x City class gunboats (change of pilot house and repainting of funnel bands)

1 x sloop (additional deck guns and white hull lining)

3/4 x paddle steamers (addition of artillery)


To Build

3 x Casemate ironclads (one replacement and two new types)

4 x paddle steamers (all under construction)

1 x sloop (under construction)

2 x blockade runners

To Refurbish

8 x paddle steamers (addition of artillery)

In addition to the above I shall look to build some mortar rafts and another couple of forts - one large and one the same as my previous version depicted above.

I currently have ten vessels under construction and a further seven that will be new. Of the vessels currently under construction five are at the painting stage - these should be ready in a few days - whilst the others have at least been started.

In tandem with the current painting and building I also need to get some combat example shots to illustrate the rules and so it will be nice to have some new models for this.

The finishing line is in sight!


Aly Morrison said...

It looks like the shipyards will be busy David…
It’s good to see that you are keeping the miniature economy vibrant…

All the best. Aly

David Crook said...

Hi Aly,

It was good getting stuck in again especially as I have now given the end game rather more serious thought!

As for the miniature economy the projects I have in mind are all going to be plastic based and very much on the cheap as far as possible. The main priority for me at present is to source a copy of Shogun for the figures before the prices go through the ceiling!

All the best,