Saturday 13 June 2009

Searching for a Credit Crunch Campaign Part 2

Well I think that the decision has been made for me - I have just seen the 15mm Balkan Wars range produced by Irregular Miniatures so I am sure you can guess where this will be heading!

I know their figures are very much an acquired taste but I have no problems with using them especially as I will be needing to produce three armies for this (Bulgarians, Greeks and of course, the Turks). They will be small in terms of the numbers of figures as I shall be using a grid based system inspired by Table Top Battles by Mike and Joyce Smith (available from Caliver Books) and with elements of DBA thrown in for good measure by the redoubtable Bob Cordery. Mention of Bob reminds me to point out that his blog Wargames Miscellany is an absolute goldmine of ideas and is well worth a visit.

I just need to check the Balkan wars uniform info and get the order ready for Irregular and away I go!

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