Tuesday 30 June 2009

DBSA into the Great War Part 6

After an brief interlude for such things as decorating and various other domestic duties (not to mention the small matter of trying to find another job!) I sat down last night to consider the progress thus far on my DBSA WW1 naval rules. Although I am quite pleased thus far with the efforts I am becoming a little concerned at the classification of some of the older battleship types. It was whilst researching both the Turkish and the Russian fleets that I came to the conclusion that the generic ship types in use needed to be expanded to include Coastal defence or old battleships as a separate type. These are the purpose built versions (such as the various Scandinavian types) or older vessels that are either at the end of their service lives or are rebuilt ironclads etc. This category will serve to clarify some of the older scrap metal still afloat in 1914 e.g the Turkish Messudiye or the Russian Sinope or even some of the more effective purpose built vessels e.g. the Swedish Sverige or Norwegian Norge. I must confess that I had a certain degree of bias with this category as initially I felt it better represented a number of vessels in the Turkish navy than the existing categories. Even classing the Messudiye as an inferior pre dreadnought was a little on the generous side! It does mean that I will have a number of vessels on the ship charts that will need to be reclassified but that should not be a problem.

Another idea I have in this respect will be to draw up a spreadsheet of all the worlds warships as per my classifications so as to be to better able to define what is inferior, superior or normal.

It all adds to the flavour!


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


I mus admit to sharing a fond regard for the Messudiye; that said, by 1914 her armour and armament make her little better than a very large gunboat. Certainly defining her as an 'old battleship' or 'coastal defence ship' makes sense.

Had you considered using Jane's system from the 1898 issue of FIGHTING SHIPS? There ship are classified by letter according to their armour and guns.

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Bob, I may have to look at that in detail although I am aware of the rating system employed by Janes. Certainly
seeing the aforementioned Messudiye out shooting the Georgios Averoff during my recent playtest gave much food for thought! These ships should really only be any use as a bombardment vessel or a guardship - purpose built vessels notwithstanding. Much to ponder methinks.