Monday 22 June 2009

WW1 Black Sea Russian Navy

By virtue of my sons very generous fathers day present (of £20 cash plus some very nice aftershave!) the funding is now in place for the 1/3000th Black Sea Russian Fleet and the extra Greek and Turkish ships mentioned previously. I started the research in earnest over the weekend using a combination of Jane's Fighting Ships of WW1 (the omnibus edition) and Rene Gregor's The Russian Fleet 1914 to 1917. Everything has thus far been pretty straightforward but I need to find out about the Laird and Yarrow type torpedo boats (just over 300 tons and looking like turtle backs) used as these will form the mainstay of the fleet in late 1914 - at least until the full quota of Novik class DDs are built starting early 1915. The Russians were very keen on mines as well so this will need to be borne in mind in any mini campaign ideas that result.

There is a really good book on the subject of Russian Naval operations in the Black Sea called North of Gallipoli by gentleman called something or other Nekrasov - I will try and source a copy of this although the Ottoman Steam Navy 1828 to 1923 covers the theatre in some detail. By referencing the Ottoman title and the Russian title I own I should be able to get a clearer picture of what went on.

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