Wednesday 3 June 2009

DBSA into the Great War

After what can only be described as a herculean effort I am now close to being able to play test the WW1 gridded variant of DBSA I have been wittering on about. The break in Turkey was extremely beneficial to the creative effort involved - mainly because I was able to get the ship details for eight major powers drafted. In advance of the posting of the rules and associated ship lists I can briefly describe how each ship is rated for its capabilities. Basically, a ship is rated as either inferior (I), normal (N) or superior (S) for each of movement, defence, guns and torpedoes. Guns also are subdivided into main and secondary/tertiary. Anything larger than a DD is rated as inferior for torpedo ability and ships from AC size and above may not use main batteries against DD. I am planning to have a play test session over the next few days to iron out any wrinkles and will also drive the system at the club in a week or so. Assuming all is well I can then think about the additions to the Greeks and Turks as well as the Black Sea Russians (and probably the French as well!).

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