Tuesday 16 June 2009

Searching for a Credit Crunch Campaign Part 3

This was really a no-brainer and no mistake! As you have probably noted thus far a large amount of this blog has been devoted to matters naval and, more specifically, the various trials and tribulations I have gone through to bring the Balkan Wars fleets to the tabletop and the associated rules to use with them. I had considered the land side of this campaign some time ago (in fact when Irregular released some 42mm scale figures to go with a set of Balkan Wars rules called 'In With the Knife') but had never progressed this much as there were no suitable figures around. I realise that this should not have been a deterrent but coupled with an absolute dearth of any information about the conflict it was more than sufficient to put me off the subject and this in turn hastened my looking at the naval side. Well, that is all about to change as Irregular Miniatures now have a range of Bulgarian, Greeks and Turks in 15mm available. This will be my credit crunch campaign and so I shall be acquiring the figures in due course, once certain selected items have been disposed of via ebay. I also now have a very good title on the Balkan Wars called 'The Balkan War 1912-1913' by Alexander Vachkov and this is volume 2 in the Wars for the Unification of Bulgaria series. The book is rather like and Osprey campaign series title with a Men at Arms and an Order of Battle thrown in for good measure. There are maps, colour uniform plates and black and white photos aplenty; together with weapon specifications for all combatants, the naval side, even the use of air power and it is an absolute goldmine. The only downside is that whilst the text is in English it is Bulgarian English so reads a little strangely at times! Check it out on http://www.knigomania.bg/ for details.

Armed with this book and the rules that Bob Cordery is developing for late 19th and early 20th Century games using a grid (once again, see his excellent blog Wargames Miscellany for further details) I have pretty much enough to make a start with and so planning in earnest can now begin.

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