Saturday 20 June 2009

Extra Boot Sale Bargains.......Again!!

Another Saturday, another trip to Sadlers farm for the boot sale. This time I was able to score a couple of titles to add to the collection for the riduculous sum of £1 each. The first - Blandford's Military Uniforms of the World is an old friend. I remember having a copy of this way back in the early seventies and it was an absolute goldmine of information - especially to a young and financially challenged wargamer! The copy disappeared over time and so I was very pleased to acquire this, albeit for nostalgic reasons. The second tome is far more serious and I was really pleased with this - Richard Woodmans The Real Cruel Sea - The Merchant Navy in the Battle of the Atlantic 1939 to 1945. The title covers exactly what it says on the cover and is a sobering reminder of the reality of ships at war with not only an implacable enemy but also the worst effects of nature. It certainly adds a perspective to what our naval games should be about - namely protecting our own trade and stopping that of the enemy. Much food for thought with this read methinks.


Paul O'G said...

You have a real eye for sniffing out the bargans mate!

Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

You obviously have better boot sales where you live than where I do!

Congratulations on some more great finds!


David Crook said...

I must confess chaps that I have been very fortunate over recent weeks at the boot sales - although that balances out the number of times where I have gotten absolutely nothing! still, they are a great source of unexpected bargains not to mention bits and pieces for modelling.