Saturday 6 June 2009

DBSA into the Great War Part 2

At last my grid based variant of DBSA for the Great War; together with the associated ship charts, is ready for play testing. The draft version is quite a different animal from the original idea and the design process has gone through a number of revisions. Only the acid test of using the rules will tell how successful they are and so I am planning to get some testing sessions underway as soon as I am able. If any readers want a copy I am happy to send them on with the proviso that they are very much a work in progress and should treated as such. I would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions as well.


El Grego said...

The idea of a naval game played on a grid with no (or very little) associated paperwork is almost scary...

I am in no shape to play-test your rules but they sound like a lot of fun (and just a bit different!)

And, welcome back from the holiday!


David Crook said...

Thanks Greg. I must confess that I have become increasingly gridded in my outlook and the naval idea dovetails into it nicely. Certainly minefields etc are easier to keep tabs on - as would submarines as well. I have tried a small playtest that worked pretty well and am hoping to try it against a live opponent in the next week or so. I'll keep everyone posted as to progress.