Friday 19 June 2009

DBSA into the Great War Part 5

The grand play test with the Austrians versus the Italians was not a great success and this was entirely my fault. By virtue of my poor choice of Austrian destroyers to use from those available and the subsequent suicidal handling of them it meant that the game was pretty much over before it started. The Austrian destroyers were the comparatively early Huszar class compared to the Italians and they came off distinctly second best in a melee with them. The melee was also conducted under the barrage of supporting secondary batteries from the Italian dreadnoughts so the Austrians had a short but exciting life. With the screen destroyed (three bases out of four with only a single point of damage to show on the Italian side!) the Austrians deemed discretion to be the better part of valour and broke off the action. A number of points came out of the game as follows:

1. The damage system of differing types (flood, fire etc) should not be used for destroyers as it slows things down and adds little to game play.
2. Dispensing with NIPs is a great idea and I am pleased I followed that particular line of thought.
3. A play sheet would be helpful!
4. The use of a D6 for ordering speed increases and extra turns worked well and added an element of uncertainty to moves as the action progressed - especially as formations began to get separated.
5. The use of tile spacer bow waves worked well and was a good idea.

I will not bother with a detailed account of this action as it was a fairly low key affair again, due entirely to my own fault. Running a play test at the club may not have been the best idea as the distractions are many and legion so the next round may be either a solo test or perhaps around someones house. I will tweak the rules accordingly to allow for the change in damage for destroyers and will also get a play sheet cobbled together.

The system does appear to be sound though despite the poor showing of the Austrian destroyers (and some truly abysmal dice rolls!). I have consoled myself though with the knowledge that the battle fleet breaking off when faced by an unchallenged destroyer attack was probably quite likely historically..........;-)


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

It sounds to me like you are really making progress with these rules, and that the play-tests are shaking out the inconsistencies and minor bugs.

I am finding the same with what is now entitled WHEN EMPIRES CLASH! - still some way to go but there is light on the horizon.

All the best,


David Crook said...

Many thanks Bob - it is the old saying about the proof of the pudding etc - the real test will come when the dreadnoughts get up close and personal! I need to get some more testing under my belt but think I am on the right track. I am also enjoying the gestation of When Empires Clash and will certainly be using these for the Balkan Wars.