Saturday 4 June 2011

My Big Fat Greek Village

Above is a picture of the complete village I now own of ceramic Greek/Balkan style buildings. I was very pleased with the six models I acquired whilst away to complement the existing buildings - I suspect they are manufactured by a single company - and I probably will not need to add any more. Geographically and architecturally they are probably best described as Balkans non-specific which means they are ideal for my project. I was also pleased with the fact that the buildings fall nicely into urban and rural types - the smaller buildings and the very nice church complete with the poplar tree are ideal for the latter and the larger for the former.

Now for the trees - poplars and conifers with some others thrown in for good measure.


Paul O'G said...

Great pickup!

David Crook said...

Kalimera Paul!

They certainly look the part and I am looking forward to your opening of the box of awesomeness....;-)

All the best,