Tuesday 14 June 2011

The Portable Balkan Wargame

Turkish Infantry 1912

As part of my wargames chore evening last night I finally organised the forces of Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria for my forthcoming Balkans project. I shall be using Bob Cordery's 'Portable Wargame Rules' available via his blog and linked to his dedicated website.


For myself these rules are simple yet challenging and are readily 'tweakable' to suit any specific gamer or period specific requirements. They are grid based and owe much inspiration to the work of Joe Morschauser but with the major added advantage of, shall we say, much 'modernisation' in terms of play testing and development.

The armies will not be large and look very much like 'DBA and a half' sized forces in that I am looking at 18 bases of troops made up as follows:

9 x 4 infantry
3 x 2 cavalry
2 x HMG
2 x Field Guns
1 x Heavy Howitzer
1 x Command Base for the C in C

As you can see then, the overall size of the collection will be fairly modest but very representational and although the rules I shall be using begin with an 8 x 8 grid (with 12 bases) I will be able to go full stretch should a large action need to be fought. Having 18 bases will give me a lot of variety for the standard 8 x 8 game, rather like having a DBA army with all the optional elements to choose from.

I have all the figures I need for the Bulgarians and Turks and so merely need to acquire the Greeks.

I am really looking forward to this but first of all the ACW ships must be finished!

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