Monday 6 June 2011

Looking Forward to a New Show

This Sunday sees the first wargames show organised by the Milton Hundreds Wargames Club in Sittingbourne, Kent. For details please follow the link:

I personally tend to prefer the smaller show events as they seem to be more intimate and so longer can be spent perusing the games on offer - I have not been to either Salute or SELWG for some years - and so as a result this one is right up my street. There is a personal reason for attending as well as Sittingbourne is where I had my first job after leaving school and is very near to the Isle of Sheppey where I come from. It was in the cinema in Sittingbourne that I first saw both Jaws and Star Wars and so it will be interesting to see the old place again after some 30 odd years.

I am also meeting an old wargaming school friend (whom I have not seen for around 20 odd years) at the show so no doubt I will be reminded of the frequent trouncing my 1815 Airfix Anglo-Brunswick army used to routinely receive at the hands of his French!

I will also be collecting a great pile of Zvezda Art of Tactic kit as this will be my new year project after the ACW ships and Balkans Kit has been finished. Of course, I will have to open the boxes to examine the goodies therein and I may even have to have a quick flick through the rules as well - all strictly in the name of research you understand....:-)

SEEMS - my club - are putting on a Napoleonic Naval action run by Mr Fox who is supplying his most excellent models, rules, the scenario, god-like umpirical observations and technical know-how and adding a little tone to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl.

To anybody going to this event please drop by the SEEMS stand - the models looks so realistic you need to be inoculated against scurvy to use them - to take a look and if you happen to see me lurking about staggering under a pile of WW2 Russian Front kit feel free to stop me and say hello!


Paul O'G said...

Have a great time and remember to bring us back some pics!

David Crook said...

Hi Paul,

I am really excited about this show for lots of reasons and I shall be going with a camera which is not my usual practise. There will be plenty of pictures for sure!

All the best,


Ray Rousell said...

I'm going to the show with a couple of pals, we only live up the road in Gravesend, might see you there!!

David Crook said...

Hi Ray,

I shall be wearing the same shirt as my profile picture so if you see me say hello!

I am really looking forward to this and no mistake!

All the best,